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Berkah Catering, Best Catering for Your Event

Berkah Catering, Best Catering for Your Event Berkah Catering. (Photo: Berkah Catering for TIMES Indonesia)
Tuesday, 28 January 2020 - 11:22

TIMESAUSTRALIA, SURABAYA – Unlike other catering provider, Berkah Catering offer an utmost service for their customers. You could made an order online or via WhatsApp.

Berkah Catering is a company which provides food service at a remote site or a site for certain big event such as wedding, company's gathering and many more.

This company provides their customers with best service by listing 5 customer service numbers on their page.

You could directly contact them through WhatsApp on the numbers listed and they will give you a fast response. Once you contact them, they will assist you until you get the menu you wanted.

You could also book an order online through their official website. On their website, you could also view their timetable whether they are free or not on the day of your event will be held.

You could also do a direct online payment after booking an event through their bank account listed on their website.

"After making sure everything is on the right track you could press the confirmation button. But we suggest you to connect your account either Google, FB or Twitter just to make sure we hit you on the right number," CEO Berkah Catering Nusantara, Irwan Hernawan said.

If you feel it's a bit frustrating, you dont need to be worry since on the website, Berkah Catering also provides a tutorial to guide you doing and chising the right thing as you wanted. (*)

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