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Malang Beach Run 2019, How Did it Look?

Malang Beach Run 2019, How Did it Look? The checkered flag waved as the competition of Malang Beach Run started. (Picture by : Binar Gumilang/TIMES Indonesia)
Monday, 14 October 2019 - 22:33

TIMESAUSTRALIA, MALANG – There were around 800 athletes joining the Malang Beach Run which was held by the Disparbud Malang. They starting to run as the checkered flag was waved by the commander of Korem 083 Baladhika Jaya, Kolonel Inf Zainuddin on Saturday afternoon (12/10/2019).

Most of the participants were coming from the athletes, some from army and police officials, and public. This event was held along the southern crossing lane of Nganteb Beach (Jalur Lintas Selatan).

The event was held to celebrate the 1259th anniversary of Malang and 74th anniversary of Indonesian Army. The sun which almost set makes the wind breeze feel so comfortable even for running.

"Malang Beach Run is held due to introduce the potential tourist attraction in Malang to the world," The Mayor of Malang Drs HM Sanusi MM said.

Still according to him, Nganteb Beach is such a qualified place to visit. It has beautiful sceneries especially the sunset. The Malang Beach Run itself was hope to beat able to increase to surge of visitor to Malang.

In addition, the Mayor of Malang also said that Malang Beach Run which was the idea of Disparbud Malang will be taken as annual Malang tourism event as one of event which will be held on Malang Beach Festival. (*)

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