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This Korean Food Could Prevent Hair Loss

This Korean Food Could Prevent Hair Loss Makanan khas Korea, Kimchi. (iStockphoto)
Friday, 13 September 2019 - 05:37

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTA – K-drama lovers must be familiar with kimchi, the delicious food as the result of fermentation. This food usually appears in almost every Korean drama. Do you know that kimchi could prevent hair loss?

The scientists from Dankook University in South Korea conducted a research to 23 male participants and 23 female participants by monitoring their hair growth in four months period. These participants were consuming yoghurt containing kimchi and cheonggukjang before breakfast and before bed. Cheonggukjang is made of fermented soybean.

The scientists measured the hair length of each participant on the first month and the next third months. The result showed that there was a significant hair growth and thickness on 93% of the participants, and there was less hair loss. In addition, each participant should wash their hair before going to the hospital, and they was not allowed to use any kinds of hair cares.

In fact, this effect can be found mostly on men. They got 30.4% improvement in hair thickness and 26.1% in hair growth.

Unfortunately, this research still had limitation due to its short period and limited number of participants.

However, you may try to eat this food to improve your hair growth, especially to prevent hair loss. (*)

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