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The Story Behind Mujair: Indonesian Tilapia Fish

The Story Behind Mujair: Indonesian Tilapia Fish The place where Moedjair being laid. (Picture by: Sholeh/TIMES Indonesia)
Friday, 13 September 2019 - 03:15

TIMESAUSTRALIA, BLITARMujair a.k.a freshwater tilapia fish is an aquaculture fish in Indonesia. This fish which was originally saltwater fish that had been cultured in freshwater by a Blitar guy.

Yes, his name is Moedjair, a guy who firstly cultured this fish in to the freshwater. Then to honored his effort the government named the fish after his name.

Moedjair who went to the beach once in a year happened to find this fish on the shore. He was amazed by the mother's skills to hide her babies inside her mouth when she think they were threatened.

"He was wondering whether this cute and exotic fish could be cultured in freshwater. He then catch the fish along with her babies with the only thing he had that time, his headdress," Doni Widodo, a historian said.

Still according to Doni, Moedjair then doing several experiments that needed him to back and forth from his house to the beach with foot. He needed a round 11 experiments to make the fish able to live in freshwater.

It took around 2 days back and forth from his house to the beach. That's you can imagine how hard it was for him to create this Mujair fish. Mujair a.k.a. freshwater Tilapia fish is now a well known fish to be consumed by Indonesian. (*)

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