Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair ILLUSTRATION – Hair treatment (PHOTO: Alodokter)
Tuesday, 10 September 2019 - 00:39

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTA – Coconut oil deserves a spot in your self-care routine as it is considered as the top-notch conditioning hair care. What are the benefits of coconut oil for hair?

Coconut oil is commonly found in most hair care products, or some people use pure coconut oil straight from the jar. Cited from Dokter Sehat, these are the benefits of coconut oil for hair.

1. Moisturize hair and scalp

Most essential oils do not absorb into hair. However, some researches showed that coconut oil can absorb into hair and restore the essential protein for hair, thus improving the dry and damaged hair.

2. Untangle the tangled hair

Coconut oil can soften the hair, make it easier to comb, and preventing frizz.

3. Prevent damaged hair caused by chemicals

Air pollution and chemicals could damage the hair. That’s why you need coconut oil to prevent the damages on your hair caused by the chemicals.

4. Enhance hair growth

Coconut oil can be one of the best solutions that could enhance hair growth and prevent hair fall.

5. Protect the hair from the sun

UVB can lead to protein loss in hair, while UVA could lead to change in hair color. Coconut oil can help us prevent the hair damages caused by the sun.

6. Refresh the hair

Washing your hair can make your hair clean and fresh. However, you should not wash your hair too frequent as it could damage your hair. If you have dry hair, try to use some coconut oil instead of washing your hair. The coconut oil can help you to keep your hair fresh and moisturized.

7. Add luster to the hair

Coconut oil can add luster to your hair. Besides, it could moisturize and prevent any damages to your hair. (*)

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