A Lecturer at Poliwangi Invented a New Herbal Instant Coffee

A Lecturer at Poliwangi Invented a New Herbal Instant Coffee The new herbal instant coffee. (Picture by : Roghib Mabrur/TIMES Indonesia)
Saturday, 27 July 2019 - 05:16

TIMESAUSTRALIA, BANYUWANGI – Are you addicted to coffee? Yet, you want some different taste and use of the coffee itself? Well, you should be lucky because a lecturer at Poliwangi had just invented a new herbal instant coffee namely known as the 'Kopi Instan Herbal'.

Danang Sudarsi Joyo is the lecturer who invented the new coffee variant. He together with the Kopi Lego home industry created this coffee at Lerek, Gombengsari, Kalipuro, Banyuwangi.


“This product was created by mixing some coffee with some local herbs like gotu kola extract, black pepper. In addition, this coffee will also be mixed with some goat milk," Danang said on Friday (26/7/2019).


The main coffee used is the Robusta and Arabica. This coffee as there are some herbs in it practically safe enough to be consumed by any people. This coffee will has less caffeine with some benefits of the herbs.


However, the taste of the coffee won't change and stay like a coffee should be. You could have the herbal instant coffee 'Kopi Instan Herbal' Poliwangi by IDR 5K for 50 gr pack, and IDR 10 K for 100 gr pack.

Writer :
Editor : Khodijah Siti
Publisher : Rizal Dani