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Acupuncture Could Help You Lose Your Weight

Acupuncture Could Help You Lose Your Weight Ilustration - Acupuncture (Photo: dokter sehat)
Wednesday, 10 April 2019 - 23:56

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTA – Acupuncture is a Chinese traditional treatment for any disease. Acupuncture was also believed could help you lose your weight and keep your diet.

According to a study on Klik Dokter, which is conducted on 100 people and is published at a medical journal in China 2018, Acupuncture could help people with early diabetic stage, lowering the number of sugar on their blood. It will help to decrease the insulin and leptin level in their body.

This study divided them into 3 group, a group was assigned to lower their insulin with work out, another one with some pills and regular diet, and the last one were with acupuncture, diet and work out.

Its known that in 12 weeks the group with diet, work out and acupuncture get the best result in to lose their weight compared to those groups which only do the diet or work out.

The acupuncture needle will usually put around the ears area. This was believed that it could help people to hold their desire to crave for food and make them easily lose their weight. (*)

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