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The Bad Effects of Using too much Gadget for Kids

The Bad Effects of Using too much Gadget for Kids llustration - Effects of playing gadgets on child's eyes (Photo: Mommyasia)
Tuesday, 12 March 2019 - 22:07

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTAGadget has become a regular thing for kids nowadays. However, it has lots of bad effect we must be very careful and keep them on our sight while they using it especially about how long have they been using it.

A research published by PLOS One Journal said that most kids which spent more than 7 hours in a week to play with their gadget will get myopia.

Christopher Starr, an ophthalmologist from Weill Cornell Medical Center New York City on Okezone said that not only gadget that could ruin the eyesight but also because the kids won't play outside and doesn't get enough light from the sunshine.

The sunshine make the eyes produce dopamine which could protect the eyes from getting damaged.

Not only ruining the eyesight, a kid who spent their time too much with their gadget could get dyslexsia. As an ophthalmologist from Sidney Australia said, Jim Kokkinakis said that using too much gadget will make the eyes dry from the blue light of the screen.

In addition, still according to him, everyone especially kids should adjust and make their eyes a bit far away from the gadget everytime they use it. Avoid playing your gadget in the dark, and adjust the brightness of your gadget according to the level of the room brightness.

And he also suggest that kids which play more with their gadget should get more sunshine especially in the morning since it's good for their eyes. (*)

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