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Chapped Lips and How to Prevent It

Chapped Lips and How to Prevent It Illustration-Healthy lips (Photo: Thinkstock)
Wednesday, 13 March 2019 - 05:04

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTADry and chapped lips is an annoying thing especially for girls. Dehydration, wind chilled, sun burned, cold could be the reasons of it. Seems like nature wants your lips to dry the whole of your life.

There are five easy ways to prevent you to have a dry or chapped lips.

1. Don’t lick your lips.

We lick our dry lips to add some moisture, but it actually dries them out even more. Your saliva contains acids that break down food, but they also irritate your lips. Plus, continuously licking will remove any natural oils you have on your lips.

2. Stick on the lip balm

Keep using your lip balm and choose the one with olive oil, petroleum jelly, in it. Make sure you put it in the morning and once before you sleep. You can also use it everytime you feel your lips is dry.

3. Never stop exfoliate your lips

Use a lip exfoliator like the one they sell at the make up store or make an at-home paste with sugar and honey. Scrub it on your lips, for very sensitive lips, use a clean, soft toothbrush and brush back and forth.

4. Drink lots of water

Hydrating your self from the inside will help your lips from being dry and chapped. Make sure you drink enough water to keep your skin especially lips stay healthy.

5. Breathe through your nose

Something as little as breathing through your mouth can actually dry out your lips or make it chapped. Always try to breath from your nose to make your lips stay hydrated and healthy. (*)

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