Champions' Hub 2019 is Conducted in Indonesia, Let's Take a Look!!

Champions' Hub 2019 is Conducted in Indonesia, Let's Take a Look!! Maurizio Giuli, Stephani Wibisono, dan Mikael Jasin. (PHOTO: beritasatu)
Tuesday, 05 March 2019 - 16:12

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTA – Again and again, Indonesia has been appointed as the host of world class meeting. This time, Champions’ Hub 2019 chose Indonesia to gather their world class barista which will be conducted in March 5-6, 2019.

This was the 2nd meeting, after the first meeting on Belforte Italy. This meeting will facilitate the world's baristas to share their technique and method before they went to the World Barista Championship in Boston USA on the next April 2019.

"Champions’ Hub id a program by Simonelli Group, the owner of the greatest coffee maker machine, this program was intended to prepare the National Barista Champion to get a better performance on the international level," Brand Manager Nuova Simonelli & Victoria Arduino Indonesia Stephanie Wibisono said.

This program will be attended by 38 baristas with international level speakers like Lauro Fioretti (2016 WBC Certified Judge), Dale Harris (2018 World Barista Champion), Mathieu Theis (2018 3rd World Barista Champion), Hidenori lzaki (2014 World Barista Champion), Michael Yung (WCE Head Judge), and Samo Smrke (Coffee Scientist).

The Baristas will also appointed to do the role play like what they will have in the world class competition. They will also learn how important a fresh coffee is from the scientific side.

Meanwhile, Mikael Jasin from Indonesia think that this is a golden moment for him to enlarge his knowledge.

"This Program could be a measure device to know how good is other barista and fix my self before going to the World Barista Championship," he said.

Head of Marketing & Communication Departement Simonelli Group, Maurizio Giuli said that Champions’ Hub 2019 is intended to sharpen Asian barista skills especially those who came from Indonesia. (*)

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