Satisfy Your Natural Exotics Experiences at Gunung Banyak

Satisfy Your Natural Exotics Experiences at Gunung Banyak Many Mountain Tourism Areas (Photo: Jazilatul Hanip / TIMESIndonesia)
Tuesday, 22 January 2019 - 17:17

TIMESAUSTRALIA, BATUGunung Banyak (Banyak Mountain) tourism objects save extraordinary exoticism. No wonder, if at the tourism site located in Batu Tourism city also offers 3 spots at once, namely Paralayang (paragliding), Omah Kayu, and Taman Langit.

Its location is only about 9.9 km from the center of Batu city, exactly in the village of Songgokerto, Batu making this tourism area is easy to reach. Meanwhile, the entrance ticket to Gunung Banyak is very affordable, it is IDR. 10,000/person.

Gunung Banyak gives visitors choices to be able to enjoy the beauty of Batu city while at the same time pumping adrenaline by using paralayang. The beauty of the mountains completed with the forest and the settlement structure will look amazing. However, to be able to enjoy this amazing activity, visitors must spend IDR. 400.000 for basic packages, or IDR.600.000 for premium packages. This price is used as a fee for licensed instructors, motorcycle taxi to return to the mountains, and insurance.


Meanwhile, for visitors who like to take pictures, Gunung Banyak also has a spot on the Taman Langit. Here you will be amazed with the beauty of the city from a height. In this spot there are lots of spot selfies that pity to miss. Such as bird nest spot, sleeping beds, love, tree house, wings, and several other spots.

There are also replica of swans, princesses who are dancing, giant birds, and very attractive winged lions. The colorful flowers also make this location deserve to choose for photo spot.

As said by Hanna Muida, a visitor from Lumajang district, "I like most the photo spot at the entrance to Taman Langit, the vintage nuance and the flowers make the eyes fresh".

You can also enjoy the sensation of staying on a 10 meters tall tree in Omah Kayu. Omah Kayu is 3m x 2m in size. Omah Kayu constructions are all face to the southeast, so visitors can enjoy views of the city atmosphere from the height, landing of paragliding, row of villas, and the peak of Mount Panderman. Enjoying the natural exotics can be satisfied at Gunung Banyak, Batu City. (*)

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