UIN Malang Opens IEF 2018 to Create Fastabiqul Khairat Educators

UIN Malang Opens IEF 2018 to Create Fastabiqul Khairat Educators Prof. Dr. Zahrah Binti Hussin and the lecturers. (PHOTO: AJP/TIMES Indonesia)
Saturday, 03 November 2018 - 00:24

TIMESAUSTRALIA, MALANG – The students of PAI UIN Malang held Islamic Education Festival (IEF) 2018 at Ir. Soekarno Building on Thursday (01/11).

IEF is an annual event organized by HMJ PAI UIN Malang. This event aimed to popularize the members of PAI, as well as to commemorate the dies natalis of PAI, and to develop interests and talents of PAI students.

IEF event was symbolically opened by Agus Maimun, the Dean of FITK. Then, it was continued by an international seminar from two presenters, namely, Prof. Dr. Zahrah Binti Hussin, from Faculty of Education of University of Malaya-Malaysia, and Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Fuad Effendy, M.A, the board member of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz International Centre of Arabic Language.

Agus Maimun appreciated the event that had been prepared for four months by IEF committee. This event brought the theme of The Reactualization of Al-Quran’s Values in Developing Character Building in 4.0 Revolution Era. This event was expected to prepare the future of PAI students.

“IEF event is expected to strengthen the bond between the members of PAI UIN Malang, as well as to foster the enthusiasm to be fastabiqul khairat,” said Ahmad Khusyairi, the Leader of IEF 2018 Committee. (*)

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