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The Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

The Benefits of Sunflower Seeds Sunflower Seeds. (PHOTO:
Friday, 19 October 2018 - 15:41

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTASunflower seeds is not merely a snack. This snack from sunflower is rich in healthy fat, vitamins, minerals, folate, phosphor, and the other substances needed by our body. Then, what are the benefits of sunflower seeds for our health?

Sunflower seeds are rich of healthy fat. One serving of sunflower seeds contain 14 grams of monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. These two types of fat have a benefit related to the health of the heart and cardiovascular risk disease.

Quoted from Antara, sunflower seeds are also rich of magnesium, the mineral involved in more than 300 bodily functions. Magnesium could decrease blood pressure, increase blood sugar control and decrease the cardiovascular risk disease.

Although it has the benefits for our health, it will be better if you know how to consume sunflower seeds in the right way. Most people consume sunflower seeds as a snack. Besides, there are some other ways to consume sunflower seeds. You can add them to your oatmeal, yoghurt, soup, or salad.

To get the benefits of sunflower seeds for health, limit the consumption of sunflower seeds. This snack is rich of fat. Therefore, limiting the consumption level will be useful to prevent excessive calories. (*)

Writer : Deasy Mayasari
Editor : Tiara Dewanti Djiwandono
Publisher : Lucky Setyo Hendrawan
Sumber : TIMES Indonesia