Bonus for Asian Games medal winner given next week, as follows

Bonus for Asian Games medal winner given next week, as follows Medal winners at the Asian Games will soon receive government bonuses (Photo: INASGOC)
Friday, 31 August 2018 - 15:04

TIMESAUSTRALIA, JAKARTA – Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora RI) Imam Nahrawi confirmed that bonuses for medalists for Indonesia in the 2018 Asian Games will soon be given next week, this is based on the observation of Special coverage team Asean Games 2018 of TIMES Indonesia.

Through a press release, Friday morning (08/31/2018), the Minister of Youth and Sports said if the acceleration of the disbursement of bonuses for the 2018 Asian Games medal winners was carried out according to President Joko Widodo's instructions who asks to give it before the sweat of the athletes dried up.

"We make sure the bonus of the medal of winning athletes have been disbursed next week, and this bonus is given to both the athlete and the coach and his assistant coach," said Menpora.

The bonus amount for the athlete himself is Rp. 1.5 billion for individual of gold winner, Rp. 1 billion each person for the pair / double gold medalist and Rp. 750 million each person for the gold of team.

While individual silver winners get Rp. 500 million, silver winners for double are Rp. 400 million each person and silver winners for team are Rp. 300 million each person. While individual bronze winners get Rp. 250 million, for double bronze is Rp. 200 million each person and bronze for team is Rp. 150 million each person.

Menpora also ensures that bonuses will be given to coaches as follows, for the individual / double coach gets Rp. 450 million for gold, Rp. 150 million for silver and Rp. 75 million for bronze medal.

Meanwhile, the team coaches get Rp. 600 million for gold, Rp. 200 million for silver and Rp. 100 million for bronze. While for every second medal and so on, the coaches get Rp. 225 million for gold, Rp. 75 million for silver and Rp. 37.5 million for bronze.

For individual / double assistant coaches get Rp. 300 million for gold, Rp. 100 million for silver and Rp. 50 million for bronze. The assistant coachs for team get Rp. 375 million for gold, Rp. 125 million for silver and Rp. 62.5 million for bronze. Each second medal and so on, the assistant coaches get Rp. 150 million for gold, Rp. 50 million for silver and Rp. 25 million for bronze.

The Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi also stressed that all bonuses will be sent directly to their own accounts and the nominal is a net bonus without tax deductions. In addition to money, the Special coverage team of 2018 Asian Games also notes that the bonus given by the government is in the form of the appointment of a civil servant status and a house bonus. (*)

Writer : Ronny Wicaksono
Editor : Atho'illah
Publisher : Rochmat Shobirin